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What is an iBuyer?

You’ve heard of  Zillow, but have you heard of Opendoor ,  Knock , Offerpad etc. there are a bunch of these companies now out there that offer to buy your home immediately.

They are what we call an an iBuyer.  What an iBuyer is a company that will make you an offer on your home within minutes (or days), sight unseen, based on an web pricing model.

If you choose to accept the price, you can close in as little as a couple of days. … When selling to an iBuyer, the other side of the transaction is a company or an investor.

This sounds awesome, but what’s the catch? When selling to an iBuyer, the other side of the transaction is a company or an investor that want to make money, and the quick and easy experience for sellers doesn’t come cheap.

The iBuyer will typically charge a full commission, plus build in a very steep discount to to compensate for the risk they take by providing you with “instant” liquidity.

They also will charge you for repairs they feel the house needs.

The people who are buying houses through these methods are only looking out for their best interests. When you call into their system, you are a customer in their world and you have no representation.

When an iBuyer comes in, they’re going to make you an offer below list price in order to turn a profit. They claim that their method is much better for you because it’s easier and you don’t have to go through showings.

However, if you do take the time to get the home ready for showings and price it right, it’s going to sell for much more than you’ll get with one of these programs. Even if you don’t want to GET YOUR HOME READY for sale and just sell it “as is” more likely than not, selling your home traditionally will get your home more .

We can list your home…and guarantee that it will sell FASTER and for top dollar.  Also our mission statement says “To Glorify God by putting our clients interest above our own.” That’s not the iBuyer is going to do! Just saying

Curious to see what your home might sell for?  We have a LIVE agent available 8am-9pm everyday to work with you.