The Chantel Ray Real Estate Vision

Chantel Ray - All Access Video

Looking for a company where you can have 100% commission cap? Have multiple levels of revenue coming in? Get free coaching and leadership training and industry-leading technology? This is Chantel Ray. 

Uber took over taxi cabs, Netflix took over Blockbuster, and Chantel has taken over traditional brick and mortar real estate brokerages. You can be an agent with us no matter what state you're located in!

At Chantel Ray Real Estate, we have it all! Ever circle will have a circle leader who will provide coaching, training, support and much more! A virtual office assistant will help input your listings into MLS and transaction coordination on your files. Your Managing Broker will help you navigate the constantly changing contracts and forms in your local area. Lastly, Managing Partners will oversee and grow circle leaders and will even help you start your own circle!

When it comes to technology, you can easily access your commissions, cap standing, revenue share and more on our team website! Every agent at Chantel Ray is given their own unique lead generation website and CRM. This allows you to send campaigns to your clients and generate leads online. You can also send drip campaigns, schedule social media posts, send text messages - the possibilities are endless! Normally, this would cost about $700 a month, but for our agents, we make this accessible for no cost. ALSO, we provide access to Brockermint, which is our paperless transaction management system.

Our virtual Marketing Center will emails you collateral automatically! Anything you need, from door hangers and flyers to social media posts and postcards, it's right there for you to print or post. Independent brokerages can self-brand on all of their signs, as well. We also offer different packages of high-quality leads.

The list goes on with all of the amazing benefits that Chantel Ray Real Estate offers its agents. If you're looking for listing input, transaction management, President's Club retreats, a quarter-cap for your team members, a showing service, AND the ability to match 10% of the company dollar donated to one of our ten charities that you choose, call us today!

Chantel Ray - Vision

The future of Chantel Ray Real Estate is looking bright! The future for Chantel Ray is to not only grow, but to scale, and here's how we plan on doing that.

Our original plan to grow was to open up as many storefronts as possible. Every time we would open up a new office, there would be a huge build-out and it would take a long time to get an office up and running. This process reminded us of the Blockbuster model of growth. However, we want to be like Netflix, growing and expanding through technology. So, our plan is to scale, which will ultimately allow us to grow.

How will we do that?

  • 3 hub offices: Barrett Street, Indian River and Newport News
  • When Chesapeake's lease expires, they will move to the Indian River location, when Laskin's lease expires, they will move to the Barrett Street location, and we will buy a building for the Newport News hub.
  • From now on, we will not be adding any more brick and mortar stores.

The mission and vision of our company will always remain the same but how we get there Is just being tweaked. We used to be a taxi cab company, but now we're becoming Uber.