Chantel Ray Guide

Technology Platforms

Chantel Ray Real Estate agents have access to some of the most powerful technologies in real estate. All of these are included as part of being an agent with our brokerage. This included top tier lead generating websites, transaction management software, marketing tools, and a large social community to collaborate with other real estate agents.

You have a virtual real estate office at your fingertips. Everything lives in the cloud allowing you to work from anywhere! We also have streamlined processes and support to help increase your productivity, increasing your bottom line!

Here are some of the tools we offer:





Every agent at Chantel Ray is given their own unique lead generation website, and a CRM through KV Core. This allows you to send campaigns to your clients, and generate leads online.

Picking up new clients and keeping in touch with your current clients is vital, and that’s exactly what KV Core allows you to do. Normally this would cost $700 a month, but for our agents we make this accessible at no cost.


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While most companies subscribe to technology, we build it! As an agent at Chantel Ray, you’ll have unlimited access to training on demand, collaborative tools, and our incredible media library on our custom built team site.

With one click of a button you can access your Your commissions,cap standing, revenue share, and more and in one easy button.

Our custom-built team site also allows you to access your goals, metrics, so you can monitor your own performance and increase productivity.

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Transaction Management Software







Keep all of your transactions in one place with Brokermint! We have full transaction management at your fingertips with checklists, automation and more!

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Moving Concierge Service



Help clients move seamlessly with our integration with Move Easy!


Once your property goes pending, your client gets an automatic email with a full checklist of everything they need to make their move easy.

This includes a list of utilities needed to transfer as well as deals and coupons on everything they need to move!

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Software to Schedule Showings


Your client will never miss a showing call again! With Showing Time, your listings will have seamless showings where they can accept the showings with the click of a button!


This powerful tool will help you not only gain new listing clients, but it will also allow you to have peace of mind that your listings are getting every showing that is requested!


It also has a top of the line feedback system that asks for feedback every time the property is shown.

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Marketing, Marketing and more Marketing!





We subscribe to the global version of ListHub, ensuring your listing is seen around the world! We also have our Branding Center that allows you to have custom branding for everything from social media posts to postcards at your fingertips!

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