Satellite Managing Partner Description

You have many choices when becoming an SMP. You have 5 different streams of income to choose from. You will mentor agents, set up your teams, and grow productivity! Watch our video that explains the SMP role and its benefits.




This can increase based on the amount of transactions etc.


Meet with seasoned agents and new agents each week

Have one Power Hour, Training Session or Cultural Event per week

Have a Management and Leadership meeting each week

Listen to weekly podcasts

1-on-1 with a minimum of 80% of the agents in person to increase production each month

The Five Revenue Streams

1. Percentage of Office Profit

Net Growth

Lose agents

No change

Net +1

Net +2 or more

% of Profits





If the P & L is negative for three consecutive months, that raises a red flag.

2. Base Salary By Transactions






Base Salary





This is based on the total number of transactions closed by your team in a month

You must work in the office a minimum of 30 hours per week and available for assisting agents to receive base salary and benefits. If you do not want to work 30 hours per week in the office, you can opt out of this revenue stream.

3. Your Personal Transactions

Average is $6,000 per month

4. Profit Share

You will receive 5% of company dollar of any personally recruited agent that earns commission. This is paid quarterly.

5. Mentoring Income

Receive up to half of the agent's commission on the first four deals as a Mentoring Fee