sell your home quickly for free

You Read It Right!

If you list and sell your home with us between November 1, 2019, and March 31, 2020, you will be entered to receive the listing commission you paid back!

What does that mean? You have the opportunity to receive the services from one of our incredible listing agents FOR FREE once we sell your home!

The winner will be picked in April 2020! If you list, sell, and BUY a home, you double your chances of winning!

And you still recieve all of our incredible differences:

S - Sell your home in 90 days or less or your commission is FREE

O - One click and we donate to your charity of choice.

L - Live agent from 8am – 9pm so your home will NEVER miss a showing call from a potential buyer

D - Don’t love your home you buy within 90 days?  We will sell it for free.

N - Never get stuck in a long term contract

O - Over the top customer service

W - Worldwide Marketing, guaranteed the most effective marketing.  We spend over $50K a month to market our homes.

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