Top 10 Selling Tips

It can be difficult to sell your home for the greatest amount. We have selling tips that can help you sell your home fast!

Secrets To Sell

Selling your home should not be stressful. It can seem confusing and challenging especially if it's your first time selling but we will make it easy for you and worry free. We have great tips that will help you sell your home faster and for the best price. We sold 5 houses everyday last year following these same exact secrets!

Selling Secret #1: Make sure the price is right

Find out your home's worth, then lower the price by 5 to 10 percent. You will be overwhelmed by buyers with several bids and they will bid up to more than your home's worth. Most sellers are intimidated by this risk, but it is the best method for selling a home in today's market

Selling Secret #2: Keep it simple

Buyers do not enter an agent's office and ask to see homes priced at a specific price like $358,786 dollars. Instead they ask to see homes between $300,000 and $325,000. Price ranges that are in 25K dollar or 50k increments is what you should go for. Moving your home down to $350,000 (the next price point down) would increase your potential buyer pool. NEVER price your home at 299,999.00 because everyone searching for 300,000-350,000 won't see home because you believed 299,999 "sounded like a bargain".

Selling Secret #3: Clear out the junk

Every buyer is on the hunt for storage space. They just can't get enough of it! Make sure your closets are neatly organized and the junk is gone! Here's a tip: take half of what's in your closet out then neatly organize what is left. Don't think for a second that buyers won't snoop around your house!

Selling Secret #4: Let the sunshine in

Keep the lights on when you leave for a showing. After location, good light is the one thing that every buyer says they want in a home. Take down the curtains, clean the windows, change the lampshades, increase the wattage of your light bulbs and cut the bushes outside to let in sunshine. Do what you have to do make your house bright and cheery – it will make it more sellable.

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