Satelite Managing Partner Description

- $70,000 – $100,000 Compensation Range
- Appointments:
20 Appointments
- Commitments:
   Percentage of showed: # of people who showed/ # of people required to show –> 95% GOAL
  Percentage of people who kept their commitments –> 70% Goal
 Min of 2 Agents Hired per Month

- Run Power-Hour
- Weekly Buyers Agent Conversion Class
- Schedule and remind agents to be in class
- No more than 8 people per commitment class
- Accountability for agents commitment
What did you commit to?
Did you keep your commitment?
If yes, did you get the result you wanted? If no, what got in your way?
What can I do to help support you?
What are you going to do this week that is specific, measurable and actionable?
- Organize and conduct new agent hire sessions
- Participate in monthly meetings
- Answer agent questions
- One on One Coaching with Agents
- Mentor agents