Managing Partner Description

Managing Partner (MP)


Range: $70,000 - $250,000+

$70,000 base salary

50% of the mentor fees of new hires, except those recruited by the MMP and SMP

5% of Company Dollar on agents that are personally recruited

Participation in the MP Bonus Program


The Prerequisite Of Being A Managing Partner

3-5 years of District Manager or General Manager experience for a medium to large size company

Prior Sales Management with proven results

Previous experience with recruiting, hiring & holding people accountable for sales goals

DISC Score has to be a combination of DI, DC, or ID.

Must hold a valid real estate license


Weekly Duties:

1-2 file checks on admin

Make sure your closings are on track for the month

Spot check listing photos

Process payroll (Sign off on it)

Conduct recruiting calls and interviews

Management call & meetings

Review Vendor Report to see vendor usage

Bi-weekly mentor meeting

Meet with a minimum of 3 seasoned agents from outside of the company, with a goal of meeting with 5.

Have a conversation with 40 seasoned agents from outside of the company.

Place ads on portals like Indeed and set interviews and meet with 5 brand new agents.


Monthly Duties:

Go over P/L

Prepare and facilitate team meetings

Mastermind luncheon with agents

1-on-1 with each agent

Cultural event with Happy Hour

Quick check in with each vendor once a month to see how they are doing and if they are getting enough business

Make sure all Marketing Service Agreements are in compliance and signed monthly.

Managing and overseeing price reductions for transactions


Quarterly Duties:

Go to local real estate school

Go to one recruiting event a quarter

Top Agent Luncheon