Chantel Ray Guide

Meet the Team

Chantel Ray Real Estate agents have a strong leadership leading them to success. From Managing Partners, to Managing Brokers, they have a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips as well as business coaching available to them, at no cost!

Managing Partners




Managing Partners are available to help grow your business, coach you to higher production as well as help teach you how to grow your revenue share.

Squad 1:

Kevin Carr

Squad 2:

Tim Meyer

Squad 3:

Ally Hansen

Squad 4:

Bill Wilson

Managing Brokers

Managing Brokers are available to help answer contract questions, guide agents on any contract issues as well as train new agents and offer continuing contract training.


Principal Broker/Managing Broker of Squad 4:

John McLaren


Managing Broker of Squad 1 & 3:

Kevin Gallagher

Managing Broker of Squad 2:

Margaret Ramsey

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