Managing Broker Description

Half of the agents will be split between the Managing Partner and Managing Broker*

Newbies have a new contract
Min of 30 days, Goal of 15 days
Newbies have a closing
Min of 60 days, Goal of 45 days
Min of 1 closing every 30 days, Goal of 2 closings every 30 days

Sit on meet and greets and conduct first calls with newbies as needed
Handle complaints as needed
Answer contract questions from agents
Review all Contracts for training and compliance
Make sure all signatures are completed
All documents and addendums have been turned in
Review all newbie contracts for training and compliance
Review nightly of who didn’t get a buyer broker and then follow up with why they didn’t
Ongoing training with agents for scripts and dialogues on a regular basis

Training new agents every other week
Day 1
Review of online material (1 hour)
Listing Presentation
Buyer Presentation
Scripts and Dialogues
Day 2
Buyer Contract
Listing Contract
Meet with newbies one on one
See which agents are not on track for one closing a month (30 months)
If agents are not on track for 1 closing a month after 2 months with our company, schedule a meeting to find out where they are struggling and coach them to get them back on track
Make sure your closings are on track for the month (30 minutes)
Check on listings twice a week (1 hour)
Were properties reduced per meeting
Were properties reduced correctly per one on ones?
Back on Market
Spot Check Pictures to make sure listings look correct
Check for listings that have been listed over 60 days and consider switching agents if no offers
Go through listing appointments weekly to see why we didn’t get a listing
Call back listing appointments that we did not get the listing on the initial appointment and try to capture the listing
Have a power hour once a month with newbies: Agents come into the office for 1 hour shifts with food and fun to call back unassigned leads to set appointments
One on ones with agents/goals