Whether You’re Buying or Selling, Chantel Ray Makes It Happen.


The Benefits Of Selling With Us

Why Chantel Ray?

Chantel upholds the highest standards of excellence and strives to create lasting relationships with her clients. 

Chantel Ray’s goal is to change the way real estate is done in our country. Delivering the same positive experience to each and every customer, from location to location, agent to agent!

Chantel Ray gives you the edge you need when buying or selling a home, joining the world of real estate for the first time, getting your health and wellness in check, and mentoring through coaching and speakinng the entire way..

Chantel's Promise

My promise is to put our client’s interests above my own. I’ve created 3 pillars that define the core of this promise Health, Wealth, and Wisdom.

Gain access to Chantel Ray’s Buyer Guide for all the latest tips to follow when buying a new home.

Selling your home? Download our Seller’s Guide for insight on how to get the best value for your home.

Health, Wealth, and Wisdom

Well known for combining spirituality, faith, mindset , health  and godly wisdom and actions to help people produce real changes in their lives.

Discover how to achieve your full potential utlizing Chantel Ray’s 3 Pillars of Success.

A Note From Chantel Ray

“I’ve come to realize the importance of maintaining a balance between health, wealth, and wisdom. They each play a crucial role in our overall well-being, working towards fulfillment and growth.

Health reminds us to prioritize self-care, while wealth extends beyond material riches, through experiences and relationships. Wisdom, gained through life’s experiences, guides us to understanding.”

Chantel Ray

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Best Selling Books

Written by Chantel Ray

Waist Away

The secrets in this book were first proven to be successful by Chantel Ray herself. She then shared her success with friends and family and became an instant hit. Now her secret is going viral.

One Meal & A Tasting

When you order Chantel ray’s new book “One Meal and a Tasting” on Amazon you will receive FREE entry into the next One Meal and a Tasting Masterclass Session.

Fasting to Freedom

Experience supernatural healing, overcome difficult times, receive provision and live in abundance, live under the shelter of God’s protection, and to finally break free from that sin that has you in a choke hold.

Freedom from Food

 This 6 week Bible Study uses scripture to teach you to: overcome the temptation of food, avoid gluttony and overeating, understand when your body is truly physically hungry, develop a deeper more meaningful relationship with Christ.





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