From the hustle to the highest quality service, our corporate environment is full of culture.

We've got our eyes set on what really matters. Checkout our vision. It's 20/20.


To glorify God by putting our clients' interests above our own.


To create a global real estate company providing agents with technology, training, support and leadership so that they can provide a wowing experience to their clients.

Core Values

Think Win Win, be a Go Getter, follow up & follow through, address issues head on, and do the right thing.

We want to change the way real estate is done.

It’s kind of like Apple wanting to change technology.

At Chantel Ray Real Estate, we are different.

Our vision is to create the first truly global real estate company that provides agents with technology, training, support and leadership so that they can provide a wowing experience to their clients, every time.

Impressed? Take a look at our tech.

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Before completing your application, please visit and complete a free personality test. You will be asked to enter the results later in your application. We are very interested in the results of this DISC assessment. Please do not fill out the form below unless you have completed this test. Thank you.

If you are interested in a career in Real Estate and would like to get your real estate license, Chantel Ray has partnered with Moseley Real Estate School to help you get started. Please click on the link for more details!

Corporate Benefits

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You will make money every month off of your Base 1, 2, and 3, as long as they are active agents and close on a home(s) that month. As you recruit more people to the company and get promoted to different Tiers, the percentage you make on your Base 1 will increase. The percentage you make on your Base 2 and 3 remains that same, no matter what tier you are on.

Medical and Dental

Medical insurance offered for all employees at Chantel Ray Real Estate.

Life Insurance

Life insurance and long term disability for each of our employees paid by Chantel Ray Real Estate

Paid Time Off

Paid Time Off plan combines all of an employee’s time-off benefits into one “bank” of days off with pay

  • Example: instead of offering an employee 10 vacation days, 3 sick days, and 2 personal days, the PTO benefit would give the employee 15 paid days off to take for any reason
At Chantel Ray Real Estate we offer 3.69 hours of paid time off every pay period


Competitive 401K plan where the employer matches dollar for dollar up to 2% of the employee’s contribution.
Accountability with Goal setting if you choose
Work/Life Balance
Several discounts with local businesses
And more!

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