• Full time Realtor (or have closed 12 transactions in the last 12 months)
  • Must have closed 4 transactions with our firm with our company or another brokerage before starting the certification program.
  • Agree to follow the SOLD differences

What is a Chantel Ray Certified Agent?

Do you want to offer your clients the SOLD guarantee while also receiving referrals for clients who expect the agent to upload the SOLD Differences? You can become a Chantel Ray Certified Agent.

While all of our agents exemplify our mission, vision and core values, we have an elite group of agents who are trained and certified to provide you with a set of differences that guarantee the client wow-ing experience! This elite group of agents are the Chantel Ray Certified Agents!

What makes a Certified Chantel Ray Agent Different?

Sell your home for free if you don’t love it in the first 90 days.

One click and we will donate to the charity of your choice.

Live agent available from 8AM - 9PM every day.
Don’t get stuck in a long-term contract.

Qualifications to be a Certified Chantel Ray Agent:

A Chantel Ray Certified Agent will be either an agent who is in the Top 10% of agents Nationwide, or they will attend a weekly training with specific commitments each week that they will achieve in order to stay in good standing.


  • Everyone must attend a 1 hour training webinar on WOW-ing customer service and understanding all differences.
  • Pass an exam with an 80% or better score.
  • If you have closed a Chantel Ray Referral in the previous month, you are encouraged to be on the National Call each week and attend the Agent Success meetings, but it is not required.
  • If you have not closed a Chantel Ray Referral in the last month, in order to stay certified and eligible to receive referrals, you have to attend the weekly national call, attend the agent success meeting directly after, make 3 commitments each week and have a minimum average of 2/3 for each week.