7 Steps To Sell Your Home

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7 Steps To Selling Your Home

Firstly, you need to determine what repairs you need to do, and what you don’t want to do. Some repairs won’t be a good use of your money.

Some people say you can’t go wrong with paint. Well, I think you can go wrong with paint. Stay away from primary colors. It’s the #1 thing a seller can do to invoke cleanliness. A buyer wants to feel clean and at home in the house. I remember seeing one feedback form that stated, “the work looked like a 12 year old boy did it.” That’s not the kind of feedback you want. What that does to a buyer’s psyche is freak them out. They will say, “what else did that 12 year old fix?”

Good choices to invest in are stainless steel and granite. They are good buzzwords, so if it is in the budget, there is a good ROI.

You need to know your capabilities, spend your money wisely, and know what you can and can’t do. Last thing you want to do is replace your floors and you didn’t cut under the door jam.

1) Paint and flooring are the first place to invest in. Everyone says our floors at the office look fantastic and we just replaced the carpet. It is a LVT- luxury vinyl tile. I can’t stand regular tile because of the grout. I just did my bathroom with white marble and white grout and I regret it, cleaning is a nightmare. This LVT we have at the office was $.88/foot and people rave about it. It is what builders are putting in new construction. Normally there are different thresholds on different floors but now people are putting LVT on every floor. Whatever you are putting on the first floor, put it on the second floor. Sometimes they are getting so good I will have to get down on the floor to see if its real or not.

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