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Talent Coach

Talent Coach


Salary: $40,000
Bonus: For each person they recruit that signs with the company, they get $350 after their first 3 closings.
Goal: Agent will have their 1st closing within 90 days of completing training with the company
Min: They must have their 1st closing within 180 days of completing training in order for the bonus to be paid

Work Hours:
45 hours: 38 in office, 7 outside of office

Goal: 10 Recruits A Month: Licensed and signed paperwork
Min: 6 Recruits a Month: Licensed and signed paperwork
*50% Seasoned Agents, 50% New Agents


  • Schedule 40 face to face interviews and complete 20 face to face interviews a week with non-licensed potential agent candidates: this leads to 2 new agents signed on per week
  • Schedule 8 face to face seasoned agent interviews and complete 4 seasoned agent face to face interviews: this leads to 2 seasoned agents per week
  • Schedule new hires into training class
  • Placing ads on Monster, Career Builder, Indeed, etc. to generate more potential candidate leads
  • Searching resumes of potential candidates
  • Attend Real Estate School to speak to and recruit new agents
  • Hold a quarterly recruiting event

200 Calls, Emails and Text
Leads to
40 actual conversations on the phone
Leads to
8 people will agree to meet
Leads to
4 people who actually show
Leads to
2 signing on
Leads to
1 productive agent

40 people will agree to meet
Leads to
Leads to
2 HIRE for new agents
Leads to
1 productive agent

$500 Indeed Budget
$200 Budget for Coffee or a Drink with Seasoned Agents Only
*In order to get reimbursed, once you hit $100, you have to fill in the reimbursement form with the following information: name of agent you met with, amount spent on them and where you met them.

Example: Goal is to spend around $5 to $10 MAX per agent – but they must be seasoned. If you meet with 20 agents, that max you should be getting reimbursed is $200. If you wanted to go to Chipotle and buy their lunch, you can, BUT you want meetings to be no longer than 30 minutes. You can’t do a 30 minute lunch at a steakhouse, and you can’t spend all of your budget in one place. The reimbursement is ONLY for their portion, not yours.

*If a 3rd party refers a new agent to the Chantel Ray Real Estate Team the recruiter is not eligible for the $350 referral bonus out of their first three Closings for a total of $1,050.  Only one $350 from each closing referral bonus is available for a total of $1,050.  So for example, if a friend refers a client to Chantel Ray Real Estate.  That friends will get the bonus not the Talent Coach.

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