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Managing Partner

Managing Partner


$70,000 – $250,000 Compensation Range$70,000 base salary which includes:
5% Profit and
Half of the mentor fees of new hires


  • Buyer conversion rate (appointment & ratified): 50%+
  • Seller conversion rate: 50% +
  • 1.5 Closings per agent x transaction volume
  • Hire 6 agents a month


  • Make 5 contacts a day to licensed agents
  • Make 10 contacts a day that are not licensed (30 minutes)
  • Approve commissions (30 minutes)
  • Update systems with recruiting outcome
  • Try to fill up duty calendar, monitor agents to ensure they show up and manage agents on duty
  • Accounts payable and accounts receivable for daily office operations
  • Go through listing appointments to help agents convert the appointment


  • 1-2 file checks on admin (30 minutes)
  • If agents are not on track for 1 closing a month, schedule a one-on-one meeting
  • Follow up with Short Sale Negotiator too see where you are with short sales (30 minutes)
  • Make sure your closings are on track for the month (30 minutes)
  • Weekly listing conversion class
  • Spot check listing photos
  • Oversee Buyer Conversion class
  • Process payroll (Sign off on it)
  • Conduct weekly interviews
  • 8 minute Management calls
  • Make sure all agents are using preferred vendors
  • Meet one-on-one with Managing Broker for newbie update & where they are- if applicable.
  • Weekly mentor call
  • Oversee Power-hour


  • Review branch office budget monthly
  • Check agent licenses (30 minutes)
  • Go over P/L
  • Prepare and conduct team meetings
  • Quick check in with each vendor once a month to see how they are doing and if they are getting enough business
  • Meet with loan officers to go over numbers
  • Make sure all Marketing Service Agreements are in compliance and signed monthly
  • Spot check to make sure vendors are on the website and advertising area.


  • Go to Alpha College (1 hour)
  • Go to one recruiting event a quarter
  • Make sure all vendors have attended at least 1 meeting per quarter (1 hour)
  • Plan a happy hour for office and have vendors sponsor (2 hours)

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