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Top 5 problems with new construction

Here we will count down the top 5 problems with new construction.

  1. Leaky Windows – If windows are not hung properly, it can lead to leaks, fogging and drafts. Installing windows is a multistep process and should be done correctly without cutting corners. They have to have proper flashing and insulation installed to make them function correctly and be energy efficient. The last thing you want with a new home, are windows that are improperly installed and costing you a high energy bill.
  2. Roof Leaks – One of the most common problems in homes that are built too fast is a leaky roof. There are several things that can cause problems with poorly installed roofs. The pitch of the roof, waterproofing materials and flashing are a few of the items that have to be done just right to provide proper drainage and weather resistance to keep you from having buckets placed all over your new home.
  3. Cracking foundations – Another problem in homes that are constructed too quickly is cracking foundations. When building a house, the ground and soil have to have tests done to make sure they will be able to hold the home that is going to be built. If proper soil and ground tests are not completed, a home could be built on a foundation that is not able to support it. Make sure the proper tests are completed so that you won’t have to deal with this costly problem.
  4. Plumbing – plumbing issues are a major concern in new construction. There are a ton of issues that can arise if plumbing is not done correctly. The hot and cold water lines can be crossed, toilets can overflow due to incorrect installation, tile leaks into the walls where tiles are not sealed properly and water gets behind them. Some of these problems are not seen for some time because they are hidden and when you find them, they are a mess (as well as expensive) to fix. These are just a few of the problems that can arise when plumbing is done incorrectly.
  5. Misconception of what you are ACTUALLY getting – You walk into the model home after seeing a sign that says, homes starting in the low $200K. Great, you think! That is in my budget AND I can get a brand new home. You walk in the model and fall in LOVE! You’ve signed your contract and you start to pick out your floors – Wait, the floors in the model were an upgrade and they are going to cost HOW MUCH?? The counters that you saw were an upgrade too and they cost MORE!!! The next thing you know, your $200K house is not $275K! Make sure you know what is standard in the model and what is an upgrade BEFORE you agree to the price.

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