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Should I get a home inspection?

Many buyers ask, why should I get a home inspection? The home was recently painted, has all new appliances, all new carpet and flooring…it even has fresh flowers on the foyer table. It looks like a beautiful place to live…what could be wrong? This is the age old question that our buyer’s agents get asked every day. Why should you spend the extra money to have someone come and inspect the house? Virginia is a buyer beware state and the burden is placed upon the buyer to make sure that the house is in good condition. Those freshly painted walls may be covering an old leak or that new carpet may have been put over rotten floor boards.

We at Chantel Ray Real Estate, always recommend our buyers get a home inspection on a home they are purchasing. The home inspector will spend hours pouring over every detail of the house. Were fire rated doors put up? Are smoke detectors in the proper places? Is there any settling in the house that we should be aware of? At the end of the home inspection, each buyer is given a written report that shows everything that was tested and examined and any suggestions for further repairs or evaluations. The buyer can then decide how they would like to proceed with the home purchase.