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Ghosts and Real Estate

The Commonwealth of Virginia is old.  Very old.  Our history textbooks told us of the original English settlement in 1607 at Jamestown but the land existed well before then.  That’s over 400 years of rich history including English colonists, battles with Native Americans, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and their respective ghosts that continue to haunt Virginia.  That is – if you believe in that stuff. 
If you do – here is a scary fact: The Commonwealth of Virginia does not require any disclosure of ghosts, goblins or demons, along with most other states.  States and local governments do not recognize the existence of ghosts, haunting or spiritual beliefs along those lines. Also, Virginia does not recognize any religion or the belief of a soul and what happens to that soul upon death.  Therefore it is not required for a real estate agent to disclose a death or murder since it does not affect the property.  The only thing that Virginia DOES require is if the death or murder at a property leaves bodily fluid (eww) or a skeleton (eww) on the property is must be disclosed – because now it is a bio hazard or health hazard. Local authorities are required to take over for cleaning and hazard-clearance, but that certainly doesn’t make the process any less scary.
There is a strange fascination with the “other world” and the possible existence of ghosts and hauntings.  There are dozens of shows and movies every year that do their best to convince the non-believers. Take for example the 1973 film, The Exorcist – filmed in a home located in the Georgetown Neighborhood of Washington DC – which sold for over $2 million in 2003.  The actual location of the exorcism which the movie was based has been debated for years – but what if that Georgetown home was the real deal?  Would that stop buyers from making an offer or would buyers actually demand a higher sales price?  What if you bought a house but later found out a murder took place in your home 45 years ago?  What if your neighbor told you that your new residence was haunted by Confederate Civil War soldiers? 
ghosts and real estate
Buying a home is scary enough – searching dozens of homes to find the right one, submitting an offer, surviving the mortgage process, getting through home inspections etc – let alone wondering who lived there and what happened in the house before you.  Here is the most important tip about the purchase process:  Find a real estate agent who is looking out for you and your needs
Lucky for you – you’re on the Chantel Ray Real Estate website – meaning your search for right real estate agent ends here.  We work for you.  Our mission is to glorify God by putting our clients’ interests above our own, providing the highest level of honesty and expertise before during and after each transaction.  Even if our client’s interest is checking for ghosts.   
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