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Prepare for Hurricane Florence

With Hurricane Florence on its way, we want to encourage you to stay indoors, stay warm, and stay safe. Only travel if necessary, and be sure to double/triple check road conditions before heading out…

Here’s a quick list of things to prepare now, so you aren’t stuck in a time of need…

☐ Fill your bath tubs up with water to flush toilets
☐ Cook foods that you can eat if power goes out
☐ Buy bags of ice and if power goes out you can store in your washer
☐ Batteries
☐ Baby wipes
☐ Candles
☐ Matches
☐ A deck cards or dice for entertainment
☐ Coffee…make sure you have a grill to boil water, and a french press comes in handy too!
☐ Chocolate….. you must have chocolate in a disaster!
☐ Take a shower so you are clean Thursday night!
☐ Gas fill up your tanks Monday!!
☐ Cash Get Cash!!

Here’s a list of emergency numbers you can call in a crisis:

American Red Cross of Coastal VA

Dominion Energy

FEMA Roads Conditions

VA Department of Emergency Assistance

VA Department of Transportation

VA Department of Emergency Management
804- 897-6500

Alfa Alliance: 800-394-8642
Alfa Vision/Specialty: 877-584-7466
All Risks: 757-523-5352
ASI: 866-274-5677
Atlantic Specialty Lines: 757-523-5352
Brethren Mutual: 800-621-4264
Foremost: 800-527-3907
GMAC: 800-325-1088
Hartford: 800-243-5860
Mercury Insurance: 800-987-6000
NCIP (Poulton) Flood: 757-523-5352
Progressive: 800-274-4499
Rockingham Mutual: 800-662-5246
Selective Flood: 877-348-0552
Travelers: 800-252-4633
Travelers Flood: 800-505-0193

3 Ways To Improve Your Home


We’re here to help you sell your home! Here are 3 tips to make your home attractive to the everyday buyer.

Upgrade Your Appliances

Do what you can to get rid of outdated appliances and bring in new, energy-saving, clean ones. This will do the most to make your kitchen appear more sleek, clean, and modern. Such an upgrade isn’t exactly the cheapest upgrade on this list, but it is perhaps the best thing you could do to increase your chances of selling your home.


Remodel Your Bathroom

If you’re looking for a great way to upgrade your home, it’s always a great idea to consider improving and remodeling your bathroom. If you can afford to do a complete makeover, do it! But even minor advancements in bathrooms can make a home more comfortable and increase its market value. Just like the kitchen, buyers are searching for clean and updated bathrooms.

Replace any worn carpets or area rugs

Flooring is a part of the home that’s impossible for buyers to miss. So if you’re looking to make any one change to your home that will have a big impact on its value, look no further than the floor beneath you. No buyer wants to pay to replace carpeting after buying a home, which means bad flooring can easily turn buyers away. If you can update all your flooring, you should. But, if nothing else, try to update the flooring with the most wear and make other upgrades as the time comes.

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You Don’t Need Perfect Credit To Buy A Home

You Don’t Need Perfect Credit Score To Buy Your Home!

Are you on the fence deciding whether you should rent or buy your home?

Are you worried you credit score will be a major factor?

Don’t Worry! 

All you need is a Chantel Ray Real Estate Agent!

We can help you purchase a home with a credit score AS LOW AS 580!

Yes, 580!

Don’t let your credit history keep you from being a homeowner.

What score’s you need by mortgage type:

  • FHA Loan: 580+ credit score
  • VA Loan: 620+ credit score
  • FHA 203K Loan: 620+ credit score
  • Conventional Loan: 620+ credit score
  • USDA Loan: 640+ credit score

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Renting Vs. Buying

Would You Like To Own A Home For Less Than Your Current Rent?!?!

Why should you own a home instead of renting?

Here’s a few reasons: 


  • Build Equity
  • Tax Benefits
  • No Landlord
  • Pride of Homeownership
  • More Privacy
  • Good Investment
  • Build Strong Credit
  • Ability to Remodel Or Expand Home
  • Pets Are Allowed 🙂
  • Your Own Place To Make Memories With Your Family

….Need We Say More? 🙂

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Tips To Get Your Home Organized!

Declutter Your House Today!

We’ve created a quick guide to help you maintain a clean and organized home.


Let’s face it…finally tackling all the clutter in your home is not the way you would want to spend your day. However, there is no better feeling than a clean and organized home! Here are some tips to declutter every room in your house. Let’s get started!


  • Clean and clear off countertops with only the main appliances you use the most.
  • Place appliances you rarely use hidden in drawers.
  • Open storage shelves are the hottest trend in kitchens but be sure to still keep that well organized!
  • Wipe/clean out fridge – Make sure to throw away any expired food and use plastic clear bins to keep fridge organized.
  • Keep Tupperware drawer nice and tidy


  • Change shower liner and curtain for a fresh start!
  • Use baskets to keep your beauty products organized in cabinets.
  • Add new shelves or drawer liners to keep your products from getting drawers dirty.
  • Clean and repair grout if needed.


  • Make bed.
  • Clean off end tables, dressers, and chests.
  • Organize closet based on the season. Donate your extra clothes or store them in bins under the bed.

Living Room.

  • Clear out stacks of magazines and books. Make sure you place them neatly stacked in bookcase.
  • Clean windows.
  • Choose only a couple home accents for decor – minimalism is the hottest trend!
  • Use different baskets to store toys/remotes/blankets, etc.


  • This is the first room guests see when coming into your home. Make sure all umbrellas, shoes, etc. are kept tidy.
  • Add hooks on the wall to hold your keys or jackets.