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Choosing the right time to list doesn’t have to be seasonal…

Yes, spring is the busiest season for real estate agents, BUT people buy homes 365 days a year.  If you’re selling your home, we’ll teach you how to emphasize the amenities that will help sell your home-no matter WHAT the season.


Selling Tips: Play up your school district, the safety of your local community, and the modern conveniences that make your home accessible to your target market. Curb appeal is everything, do some spring cleaning, and box up the bulky winter clothing (and Christmas decorations).


Selling Tips: Highlight the local amenities that encourage fun in the sun, create your own outdoor oasis including a space to get some refuge from the direct sun, and don’t skimp on the AC.


Selling Tips:  Keep your lawn in shape and well-manicured, start an herb garden or update your flower beds with vibrant fall colors, decorate for the fall seasons inside and out, and keep your walkways well-lit as the sun will be setting sooner than expected


Selling Tips: Clear away any snow or ice, decorate with large winter wreaths, and strategically place scents that help encourage the feeling of home. Make sure that you also turn on the fireplace, and keep your windows clean!

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Why Didn’t My House Sell? – Chantel Ray Real Estate Podcast

Why Didn’t My Home Sell??

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Far too often, when a home does not sell, many real estate agents point to price alone as the reason. Leading real estate agents, along with most home sellers however believe there are many other factors involved.

In this podcast episode, John McLaren, Josh Chilton, and Jimmy Ray Dunn breakdown all of the different reasons why your home may not have sold.

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I just got military orders and I’m underwater in my home – what are my options?

Here in Hampton Roads, we have an abundance of military families in our area. With orders to move coming out frequently, we get a lot of calls asking what do they do when they are underwater in their home and they have to move.

A short sale will be their best option in this case. Because they have received military orders, the government has programs that can help forgive the debt they will owe due to the short sale. We always recommend our clients speak to an attorney who specializes in short sales before making any decisions. We have found that this options allows them to sell their home and move to their new location with the least amount of hassle.

If you are facing a situation like this, we have an in house short sale negotiator and a relationship with an experienced attorney that can answer any questions you may have. Just give us a call: 717-1003.

How significant is the first offer you get on a home?

Your house is listed and the first offer has come in! YAY! Now how serious should you take this offer?

Some people tend to think that this is only the first offer so let’s wait it out and see what else we get. This is not always the best advise. More times than not, the first offer that you receive is going to be one of the best offers that you receive. You should review the offer carefully and really look at the bottom line. The best offer is NOT ALWAYS the highest offer!

You want to choose an offer that will net you what you are looking for AND that will CLOSE! Make sure the offer is solid and the buyer is serious. If all the stars align, get the deal done! There is no reason to wait around for a better offer when the one right in front of you is good.

How do I get my house prepared to list?

I am getting ready to put my home on the market, but I want to make sure it is in the best showing condition for potential buyers. What are some tips to get my home ready to sell?

1. Remove all clutter: Clear off those kitchen counter tops and put away your tooth brush on your bathroom sink. Buyer’s want to visualize their items when looking at a home and when the counter is full of items, they have a hard time seeing where their belongings will go and will dismiss your house. If need be, rent a storage unit and take extra furniture, toys, clothes, appliances, etc to it so your home is less cluttered.

2. Remove Personal Pictures: Take down any personal/family pictures you may have. This allows buyer’s to picture themselves in your house and connect with it.

3. Remove any pets/pet products: If you can have your pet stay somewhere while your home is being listed, that is always the best case scenario. If not, make sure you remove the pet when your home is being shown or make sure it is in a crate. Not all buyers are pet lovers and you don’t want this to be a reason the home is not sold.

4. Remove items from your closet: A good rule of thumb is to remove 50% of the items in your closet. This allows your closets to look more spacious and give a larger picture to the buyer.

5. Lights: Go around the home and make sure that all of the light bulbs are replaced and working. This will allow your home to look brighter when being shown both day and night.

Taking a few simple steps will allow your home to show better and get your home sold faster!