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Tips for making your home ready for winter

Winter is coming! Is your home winter ready?  Here are 3 easy strategies for making your home winter ready.

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Preparing your home for the winter can be intimidating, labor-intensive and time-consuming.  But the financial benefits will outweigh any doubts you may be having.  Heating costs can easily skyrocket if your windows are not insulated properly, or your plumbing breaks or if the heating system is out of date.  Just tackle the to do list over 3 -4 weekends and not get overwhelmed. Here are 3 quick and cost-effective actions any homeowner can tackle to prepare your home for winter:

  1.  Prepare the Plumbing:  Drain the water from outdoor faucets and garden hoses. If you have a swimming pool make sure to get properly closed.
  2. Who doesn’t enjoy a cozy evening by the fire?  Make sure to have the chimney inspected and cleaned before the first frost.  If your furnace has a filter check to see if it needs replacing.
  3. Keep drafts to a minimum and install storm windows and doors.  Add weather stripping around the doors and windows and caulk any gaps.

You will be feeling cozy in no time!

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Why winter is a great time for buyers to find their dream home.