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Tips To Get Your Home Organized!

Declutter Your House Today!

We’ve created a quick guide to help you maintain a clean and organized home.


Let’s face it…finally tackling all the clutter in your home is not the way you would want to spend your day. However, there is no better feeling than a clean and organized home! Here are some tips to declutter every room in your house. Let’s get started!


  • Clean and clear off countertops with only the main appliances you use the most.
  • Place appliances you rarely use hidden in drawers.
  • Open storage shelves are the hottest trend in kitchens but be sure to still keep that well organized!
  • Wipe/clean out fridge – Make sure to throw away any expired food and use plastic clear bins to keep fridge organized.
  • Keep Tupperware drawer nice and tidy


  • Change shower liner and curtain for a fresh start!
  • Use baskets to keep your beauty products organized in cabinets.
  • Add new shelves or drawer liners to keep your products from getting drawers dirty.
  • Clean and repair grout if needed.


  • Make bed.
  • Clean off end tables, dressers, and chests.
  • Organize closet based on the season. Donate your extra clothes or store them in bins under the bed.

Living Room.

  • Clear out stacks of magazines and books. Make sure you place them neatly stacked in bookcase.
  • Clean windows.
  • Choose only a couple home accents for decor – minimalism is the hottest trend!
  • Use different baskets to store toys/remotes/blankets, etc.


  • This is the first room guests see when coming into your home. Make sure all umbrellas, shoes, etc. are kept tidy.
  • Add hooks on the wall to hold your keys or jackets.