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Selling Your Home This Halloween Season?

It’s that time of the year when the spooky Halloween decorations are creeping onto porches in your neighborhood. What if you’re trying to sell your home? Can your home still appeal to buyers with Halloween decorations?

Halloween Decorations When Selling Your Home

What TO Do: 

  • Keep it simple and neutral
  • Have a well-lit walkway to your front door
  • Place one or two pumpkins on your stairs or by your door
  • Place fall mums by your door or hang a Fall wreath on your door

What NOT to Do:

  • AVOID using skeletons, witches, goblins, inflatable pumpkins, etc. in your front yard
  • DO NOT crowd your front yard with too many decorations

You do not have to get rid of ALL your decorations but be sure to choose your decor wisely. The last thing you would want to do is scare off your buyers with spooky decorations covering up your home. Tone down your decorations to make the most of your curb appeal. Also, after the trick-or-treaters have come to your door. Clean up the yard where there might be leftover trash.

Always keep your potential buyer in mind when you are decorating your home for holiday seasons!