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Are You Prepared For Hurricane Season?

Hurricane season is upon us! Are you prepared? Here are some tips to make sure you are Hurricane ready…

  1. Start running your ice makers TODAY. Bag the ice. Fill the space between your freezer items as much as you can. A full freezer will stay cooler longer, put extra bottles of water in any space left.
  1. Freeze regular tap water for pets, cleaning or drinking. Use Tupperware-type containers. REMEMBER to leave a small bit of space between the top of the water and the lids so the ice expands but doesn’t crack the container.
  1. Sanitize at least one bathtub and fill with water 24 hours before the storm hits. BUT TODAY MEANWHILE make sure your tub will hold water through a storm. YOU MIGHT THINK YOUR TUB HOLDS WATER but a twenty-minute bath is not the same as keeping filled for several days. Fill it with about 2 inches of water and check on it after a couple of hours. If the water is lower, replace your stopper and try again, OR fill several plastic totes and bins with water and keep them in the tub or a secure low-traffic area of your house.
  1. Start using your perishables TODAY to make more room for ice in the freezer.
  1. Gas up all vehicles, check tires and oil TODAY.
  1. Get cash TODAY from ATM (if power goes out, the machine will not work). Get enough to get you through tolls, out of town to get supplies and more gas later. Call your bank if you plan on leaving the state so they don’t freeze your card for out-of-area “suspicious” transactions.
  1. Screenshot and send to your email all of your important documents. Put originals in sealed bags or plastic bins. (There’s a lot to do regarding homeowner’s and renter’s insurance, not to mention flood insurance).
  1. Stock up on pet, livestock food and supplies. Have your animals’ records handy in case you need to shelter then at a storm-safe facility. Don’t forget to account them in your extra water.
  1. Share evacuation plans with family and friends so they know where you will be.
  1. Store family heirlooms and photos in plastic bins in a high place, second floor, attic, or safe room if you can’t take them with you.
  1. Keep old rags and beach towels on your windowsills. Even with the best windows and shutters, water seeping from the wind pressure happens. A few damp towels are better than soaked floors or drywall!
  1. Shutter windows, doors and bring everything outside into your garage or house TODAY. Do not wait until the day before. It is better to get it done early and relax than wait until it’s too late, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE MANDATORY PERSONNEL (health care worker, emergency worker, or first responder).
  1. If you don’t already have your hurricane supplies (canned food, lamp oil, hurricane mix and rum, etc.), get them TODAY. Shelves are already empty in some places. Stock up on foods that don’t need to be refrigerated or heated up: jerky, nut butters, hummus (yep!), bread, juice, fruits and veggies with peels, dried fruit, granola/trail mix, meal bars, cereal, muffins…and don’t forget bottled water!
  1. Get propane or coal for your outdoor grills so you can still cook even if you are without electricity. Your gas stove won’t work without electricity too!! (There are electrical components that shut down with a lack of power for safety reasons).