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33 Days

33 Days

We guarantee to sell your home in 33 days or we’ll sell it for free!

Every real estate agent will promise to sell your home but we guarantee it. We’ll sell your home at a price and time frame we both agree on, or we’ll sell it for free.  Our team sells more homes than any other agents in Hampton Roads, because we do more to sell homes. If we don’t do everything we’ve promised — you can fire us.

How will we sell your home in 33 days?

1. We have an exclusive database of motivated, qualified and serious buyers. Within 72 hours of your home being listed, we’ll notify our exclusive list of buyers that match your home. Very often, this results in an immediate offer or multiple offers and creates a bidding war on your home.

2. Everyone will know your home is for sale. We have the most effective marketing in Hampton Roads.

3. We have a team of agents and staff all working together to make sure your home is sold.

4. Your home will never miss a showing call.

To get started with this program, fill out the form below or call (757)717-1003 and let them know you want to sell your home in 33 days!

Certain Stipulations Apply:

  • Sold is defined by a fully executed contract.
  • The sell must agree to get the appraisal completed by a licensed appraiser within 5 days of listing the property.
  • Guarantee is null and void if the seller rejects an acceptable offer with-in 5% of the current asking price.
  • If not sold in the 33 day period then Chantel Ray Real Estate will list and sell your home for 0% for the listing firm brokerage fee. You will still be responsible for the buyers’ side commission.
  • Seller agrees to give 3% closing cost to buyer.
  • A 3% commission is still payable to the buyer’s agency.
  • A small fixed admin/marketing fee of $395 is still due the listing agency.
  • The home is under a certain price threshold and not a pre-foreclosure.
  • If the home goes under contract and falls through, then the 33 days starts over.
  • Some rural areas are excluded as they take longer than 33 days to sell.
  • Some condos with large monthly condo fees are excluded
  • Property must be available for all types of funding.
  • Certain condos are excluded if their owner occupant ratio causes banks to place restrictions on loans.
  • Sale price is mutually agreed upon price by Chantel Ray Real estate agent and the seller of the home. Sales price must be approved by CRRE Management OR the starting price must be based on the value of an appraisal which shall be paid for by the Seller.
  • Seller agrees to co-operate in preparation of the home and makes the home available for showings.
  • Seller will agree to meet with a professional stager to get rid of clutter and arrange furniture for optimal sale if Chantel Ray Real estate agent finds it necessary.
  • Seller agrees to do a price reduction, of 3% of the sales price, at the 7, 14, 21, & 28 days marks in the listing period.

This offer expires 4/30/2018